The Tao of Badass Review – Why this Ultimate Dating Guide Works?

The Tao system of Badass has fast become the talking point of the dating industry. Not simply because it has been penned by one of the pioneer dating guru Joshua Pellicer, but because of the simplicity the users of the program found it while applying it to their lives. No wonder everyone is running after it.

While the crowd is already running behind the course, we found some time to get it ourselves and review it properly so that it can be extremely useful for the interested doubtful men still not taking the course .So here is our review of the Tao system of Badass.

What is The Tao System of Badass ?

This course provides some quite insightful knowledge about how you need to think while going after a girl and why you need to change your present way of thinking to achieve it. Apart from the exhaustive video series , the course also includes a continuous email subscription, by which you will keep on getting the latest innovations and updates of the dating industry with no extra cost.


Why the Tao System of Badass ?

Of course there are hundreds of courses out there which explains to you about the various tips on getting a girl love you or getting your ex wife back. But what differs this one from the countless others is that the tao of badass is extremely simple to understand and is well explained. More over you will feel like trying the ideas out yourselves, while on many other courses, you may feel inhibited about the practical possibility of the tips.


What are the Main pointers of The Tao System of Badass ?

While we went through the course, every point explained in the course, felt like important to us.But For the sake of review, we have tried to explain to you what all points are covered in the program.

  • How to make eye contact with women properly?
  • How to overcome tension while talking with women for the first time?
  • How to make them know that you are interested in them?
  • How to keep on engaging them in conversations continuously?
  • How to read the body language of a woman and understand what her body is trying to say to you ?
  • How to make women feel like talking to you?

Apart from all the above well explained lectures and illustrations, the course comes with some valuable bonus e books free of cost.The 4 e books which are offered along with the program are :

  1. Never get cheated on
  2. Guide to Breaking up
  3. Escaping the Friend Zone
  4. Monogamy vs. Polygamy

Totally, the program can be explained to be the ultimate pin pointer dating guide ever come up in our decade.And Coming from a well known dating expert,the credibility factor is always there.

Who is Joshua Pellicer?

Joshua Pellicer was just another guy in the town , who was just like any other average college goer. He was shy and had hard time trying to talk to women. Things never worked out for him and he created this course with his life experiences. With all the bitter experiences to guide him and with all the experimentation’s he had tried out during his life time, it is no wonder why he became the go-to guy for all the youngsters of our time.

He has written the book ‘The Tao of Badass Dating System’ which was recognized as a pioneer work in the field of dating. He also was featured on the TV Shows like The Today show which made him an instant hit among the audiences all over.

So buying a good program from an expert of the field is never a bad choice that you will make. But taking into account all that has been said, this program will only work for you, if you are willing t apply it your life.Simply reading the book and watching the videos will not make any difference to your life. But applying those ides and techniques with some effort from your side will definitely make you better at it.

So it is you who can make a change in your life and not any one else. If you feel you have the mind to make some changes to your life, then the tao system of badass is highly recommended for you.